Old Affiliate Javascript Plugin

March 4, 2013| Mike Stott

The Old Affiliate plugin displays a simple “your browser is out of date” message to people visiting your site from IE8 or below. The message contains links to 4 affilate products on amazon.com of other devices they may also like 🙂

Plugin features

  • Javascript, CSS modal alert box displayed on IE8 and below
  • Dismissable by the user – controlled by cookies*
  • Simple and Easy to setup
  • Super Low price and lots of FUN

To see the plugin in action visit the epic plugins site using Internet Explorer 8 or below. The perfect plugin for a bit of fun for any users who visit your site on an old browser.

[gumroad id = ‘AhlIH’ type = ’embed’]

Earn money through Amazon affiliates. Poke some fun at your website visitors who still use an old browser. Make your life easier in not having to worry too much about IE8 and below compatibility for your website.

This plugin is a stand-alone javascript plugin. Simply include the relevant javascript, css and image folders onto your server and the modal box will appear.

Like this plugin? leave a comment below? Want a WordPress version? Get in touch.

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