Something Exciting is Coming Soon (Product Hunt for WordPress)

November 11, 2014| Mike Stott

Very Powerful Theme Styled on a Hugely Popular Trending Site Product Hunt

I don’t normally do this, but I just cannot help myself, I’ve been working on something amazing.

Something that will change how you see WordPress and what you can do with WordPress. I’ve been working on a brand new theme and it’s Epic…    

Some of the amazing things you can do with the new theme are

  1. View your whole site without leaving the homepage
  2. Display only the best to your visitors, keeping them around for longer
  3. Wow your users with a site that just couldn’t be run on WordPress, could it? (people will ask “is this Ruby on Rails? is it Node?” …. no it’s WordPress

I don’t want to say too much here and spoil the fun, but keep an eye out for this it really is amazing and I wanted to type this email before you bite my hand off to get a copy of our latest theme.

[UPDATED: This was the release of our Plugin Hunt Theme which allows you to setup a website like Product Hunt]

You can view the demo of the theme at my micro website “Plugin Hunt” which is a site I have created to find the best plugins available for WordPress that are uploaded to the CodeCanyon website.

The Theme isn’t just limited to Plugins though. You can use the Theme to setup any website you would like. You can use any style. You can use a similar style to the Product Hunt layout. This Theme is perfect for:

  • Travel deals, let users submit their “daily deals” and people upvote their favourties
  • Movies, allow users to hunt content from movie websites, perhaps find the next amazing film to see
  • Knock Outs – let users submit their favourite knock-outs from UFC, boxing etc
  • Themes – you could run a similar website to Plugin Hunt, but for themes
  • Tech Products – similar to Product Hunt – which tech products would you recommend
  • SaaS systems – what’s the best SaaS system out there, let users submit and people vote

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